Our Service model in the category of supply chain management is focused towards ensuring the fresh fruits & vegetables reach to the end consumer in time.
Our core focus is to ensure that the farmer gets the right price for its produce on time.
We have been the core supplier of vegetables & fruits to Tata Star Bazar,Hyper City and reliance Fresh Limited for their various locations within the state of Gujarat.
We have our own wholesale outlets for supply of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables to enable wholesalers to have the fresh fruits & vegetables at the right time with right quality at the right price.

We have been supplying to various category of clients with our experienced team through our dedicated infrastructure to maintain the set time limit. This enables us to avoid wastage and dump as well as ensure the quality standards are maintained.

We have been the core supplier of ripened banana to the state of Gujarat with our own state of the art ripening chamber based at Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat.
We have been the core supplier of hygienically packed cut vegetables and the right mix of vegetables to the modern trade to help end consumer minimize the cooking process.
Core suppliers to modern retail for fresh fruits & vegetables to:
  • Reliance fresh
  • Tata – Star Bazaar
  • Hyper City
  • Other mid-sized companies
  • Hotels & Restaurants

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